Burnt Toast

As many of you already know, I had neck surgery (ACDF C5-C6) about two and a half weeks ago.  My recovery is going pretty well.  I’ve had good days and bad days, but mostly just really really boring days.  The majority of my time has been spent on the couch, surfing the internet or watching tv.  I loaded my kindle full of books before the surgery, but haven’t turned it on once … which is probably a good thing because my attention span and ability to retain information has been awful lately.  I’m off most of the medication at this point, but still need a vicodin here and there.

Which is probably why I burned toast yesterday.  Not once.  Not twice.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, three times.  That’s probably a record.  I mean, who does that?!  In my defense it was my first attempt at cooking a whole meal post-op.  All that I’d done prior to this was make a batch of guacamole and my own birthday cake with hideous pink frosting (also an example of poor judgment).  So I’m at least capable of doing one thing at a time, but trying to make toast, eggs baked in tomato cups and some bacon was apparently far too much for my goofy ass at this point.  Lucas actually said “maybe you shouldn’t cook again until you’re off the meds”.  Because I didn’t just serve him burnt toast.  Nope.  I also baked the eggs too long.  Destroyed them.  They were beautiful before going into the oven, which I shall forevermore call “that goddamn egg killer”.  No, I am not projecting.

Ahhh, there should have been gloriously creamy egg yolks to dip our blackened toast (that sounds better, right?) in.  Not some yellow glob halfway to hard-boiled.  Even the whites had taken on a vile consistency.  I believe inedible would best describe them.

So I ate birthday cake instead 😉


Pink champagne bundt cake, recipe courtesy of Mix and Match Mama.  But the decorating?  Well that takes a special kind of talent.  Haha, I really f*!%ed that up too, didn’t I?


One thought on “Burnt Toast

  1. Baby steps…

    Start with a bowl of cereal. Once you have that mastered…a sandwich. It will work out much more satisfactory and cause you less stress!

    That cake better taste awesome, cause that icing makes me laugh!

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