Homemade Pork, Apple & Leek Sausage

On a drunken night back in March, for reasons I cannot recall, Lucas ordered a meat grinder.  What I do remember clearly is him running around the house screaming “STX Turboforce 3000!”.  And everyone loving the name so damn much that at some point the purchase button was hit from his Amazon cart.

Two days later this showed up.  Why did we need a meat grinder again?  Oh yeah, awesome name!  And the surprising thing is that it’s actually been used.  We’ve ground meat for all sorts of things, including hamburgers, chili and Italian sausage.  Really good Italian sausage.  So good it sparked an interest in stuffing our own (sausage).

We discussed it every now and then, but never quite got serious … until I needed a Christmas gift for the man who buys everything he wants.  Enter the LEM Sausage Stuffer.


That’s a manly gift, right?  Well, whatever it may be, it went over well.  And so did this Pork, Apple & Leek Sausage.  All I had to do was turn the crank while Lucas used his hands to guide the tasty meat mixture into long hog casings.  Like these!


Then we twisted them into links and put them in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day Lucas fired up the smoker (last years Christmas gift) and smoked the sausages for about 2.5 hours.  Then we bumped up the heat at the end to get a nice crisp skin.  Pretty sure there were sides.  Maybe.  But who cares?  Look at these sausages …


Sooo freaking good.


We’ve spent the past couple of weeks plotting and planning.  What will be next?  I want habanero sausage.  Lucas has other ideas, but I can’t hear him through the voices in my head screaming HABANERO SAUSAGE!!!


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