Ahh, Texas.  After 18 long, sad months, I am finally returning to my home state.

The next month will go by quickly, yet I am still anxious as hell and ready to go.  Last weekend we picked out the house we’ll be leasing and the movers will be here around the 20th of June.  The best part?  Don’t have to pack!  The movers will take care of everything.

And this time we will not (hopefully) drive in the rain for days, lock our keys in a moving van or get food poisoning!  Click here for the whole story.

I may miss Pittsburgh.  Maybe.  It is beautiful here, far more beautiful than Fort Worth will ever be.  And I’ve made a couple of good friends that I hope to keep in touch with.  But food?  Not so much.  Okay, okay.  Somehow Pittsburghers have perfected the french fry like you couldn’t imagine.  If you like meat and potatoes it would be the perfect food vacation destination for you.  Personally, I’m sick of it

Just the short weekend we spent house-hunting in Fort Worth left me drooling for more.  We discovered the best sushi I’ve had in years at a small, friendly and laid-back restaurant.

A magical chipotle-honey sauce – atop grilled shrimp stuffed with cotija and habanero, wrapped in bacon – at a Tex-Mex joint.

Ramen at a BBQ place on the Trinity River.  Amazing house made meat juice and bone broth, pulled pork, chiles and quail egg. Rich and heavenly.

Furthermore, we got to eat delicious grilled food at friend’s houses on two separate occasions. Feeling silly awkward butterflies in my stomach after so much time away, I drank entirely too much wine one night and probably made a perfect fool of myself.  I had fun, at least.

Alas, let’s all say farewell to The Pittsburgh Diaries and hello to my new and final, generically named blog … ginger KEG (I’m a redhead, I love ginger and my initials are KEG.  Oh yeah, and beer!).

“Texas does not, like any other region, simply have indigenous dishes. It proclaims them. It congratulates you, on your arrival, at having escaped from the slop pails of the other 49 states.” – Alistair Cooke of the BBC on Texas cuisine in The Americans.


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