My Head is Full of Tunnels

Happy Belated 2012!

Where have the days gone?  No, seriously?  It’s more than halfway through January, but somehow that doesn’t seem possible.  A few weeks ago we bought tickets for a short trip to Houston and at the time it seemed like February was never going to get here.  But it’s so close!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, or so I keep reminding myself.  These tunnels are nasty little buggers and it seems like there are so many of them.  I find my way through one and I’m rewarded with beautiful moments, full of laughter and love and fun.  But then there is another damn tunnel.

Who makes these tunnels?

I guess I do, but I prefer to imagine tiny little dwarves inside my head, chipping away slowly and methodically.  Must be why I get the occasional migraine.  I just wish the bloody bastards would make the tunnels a wee bit more interesting.  Perhaps they could throw in an interesting curve every now and then?

Well, seems they may be listening.  I often find myself lost and stumbling through tunnels full of boredom and mundanity for weeks on end when Lucas is gone.  But the tunnel I’m currently in has smoother edges and the air I breathe is spiked with motivation.

It’s a nice feeling.  Who knows?  Maybe the dwarves are getting better at what they do and I’ll continue to have an easier time in between the moments I truly look forward to.

Oh, what the hell am I going on about?  Tunnels and dwarves and the flying spaghetti monster only knows what. I’m rambling and making no sense to the average normal person.  Methinks it’s time for bed.


3 thoughts on “My Head is Full of Tunnels

  1. I can’t wait to see you, sweetie. Just a few more tunnels until then!
    P.S. I seem to find the dwarves that make life more interested. Did you read my FB post from today? Lol.

  2. I particularly hate it when the dwarves leave a long edge hanging from the tunnel and you nail your head on it… they should really go to college before making tunnels for peoples lives, just saying 🙂 Loves you!

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