Spring & Stress, Margaritas & Martinis, Toons & Transformers

As Spring slowly approaches nature has begun to perform a coquettish dance right before my eyes.  The snow falls, only to melt quickly as warmer days pop up here and there.  When the snow melts the dark red earth is lit up brilliantly by the sun.  Greens and browns freckle the landscape, hopeful of things to come.  I fucking love those days.

But they are easily replaced by cooler temperatures and as the rain turns to snow, it once again covers the earth – hiding that which I love.  I am left feeling morose; stuck in a world of black and white.

But I am hopeful.  I long to see leaves budding on trees.  Flowers.  Hell, I even want to see other people’s toes again because it means the days have grown warm enough to wear flip-flops (I imagine this is still a ways off).  For days I have been daydreaming about hiking – fresh air, peanut butter sandwiches and making out next to a waterfall.  Yes, Lucas has been gone too long.

The last time he was in town I was drugged up on klonopin due to a ridiculous anxiety attack brought on by the stresses of work, loneliness and the complete inability to cope with my situation.  I’m feeling better, thanks to an attitude adjustment, yoga and yogurt.  May The Schwartz be with you.

But the time before that?  When I still thought I was a somewhat well-adjusted individual?  We spent a Saturday together exploring, eating and laughing with each other.

We started our day with lunch at Azul Bar y Cantina, a tasty little Mexican restaurant located in Sewickley.  We munched on homemade chips and salsa and then enjoyed some tacos along with three of the most incredibly delicious roasted jalapenos you could imagine (coated in salt!).  Their house margarita was on par with those I’ve had in Houston and we left giddy with happiness over finding a restaurant we really enjoyed.

Our plan was to head downtown for an auto show at the convention center.  But plans often go awry, as did ours when we discovered the line to get in wrapped around the building.  It was cold outside and we weren’t in the mood to wait in a line so we could shuffle around inside like sardines.

We walked the streets of downtown and discovered the Toonseum, a museum dedicated to celebrating the art of cartooning.  Their current exhibit was Charlie the Tuna from Sunkist (or Starkist, but who actually pays attention to my blog anyway?), which was surprisingly cool.  Even cooler was what I found on their bookshelves – a used copy of Still Life with Bottle (Ralph Steadman) for only $10.00!

Our next discovery was a fantastic martini bar – Olive or Twist.  Their Chai Martini was perfection and a purple concoction of champagne and lavender made my taste buds sigh.  Must. Go. Back …

So!  How cool is this?  A Transformer, made out of bridges (this is the City of Bridges after all).

And for you Pirates fans – PNC Park (baseball sucks, but stadiums are fun!).

So yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Pittsburgh is a beautiful city.  And for now, it is mine.


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