Five Weeks

Well ladies and gentlemen … today marks five weeks in Pittsburgh.  The first week and a half was spent recovering from the drive, settling into the new apartment, sightseeing and trying to acclimate to the bone-chilling weather.

Since then I have started my new job, driven through snow for the first time, eaten sandwiches with French fries on top, tasted my first pierogi, consumed beer in a church, signed a waiver before eating the second hottest wings I’ve ever tried and baked more than I have in the last five years.

Five weeks.  Five long weeks without my friends, my family, familiar sites.

And Specs.  That’s what I dream about most days, people.  Specs.  Such glorious aisles lined with an incredible selection of liquor, beer and wine.

But it’s the wine selection I miss most.   Who am I kidding?  Pittsburgh is a beer town.  I’ve been impressed with the selection everywhere I’ve gone, but can I find a good California Cab for $15.00?  So far the answer is no.  I’ve never been a big Merlot fan, but the best wine I’ve found so far is a Merlot.  Drinking a glass right now.

Going to eat some soup, too.  Because that’s what you do when it’s fucking cold.


3 thoughts on “Five Weeks

  1. Casseroles… soup and casseroles… don’t forget that i have very reliable sources for cold-weather eating tips. 🙂 happy fifth week! xoxo!

  2. Okay, so I’m really behind in your blog. But congratulations on making it to your five week mark! Where did you sign a waiver to eat wings? I had to do that at Quaker Steak and Lube. And boy were they hot!

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