The Pittsburgh Diaries

As many of you already know Lucas and I will be packing up all of our stuff, our crazy cats and our even crazier selves to move to Pittsburgh on November 1st.  I’m a little freaked out, but overall excited at the prospect of some new adventures.

What do I know about Pittsburgh?  Well … I know it’s fucking cold (we’ll have a White Christmas!) and that none of my friends live there.  I know Pittsburghers love their football and I may get my ass kicked when I cheer for The Bears.  I know they have weird liquor laws and that instead of y’all people say yinz.  Yinz?

Hey yinz!  <– look, I’m practicing!

Other big news:  Lucas and I got married on October 1st.  We are officially Zombie Husband & Wife.  It’s a little unbelievable at the moment.  Hell, two days after we got married he packed up and left (for training in Tulsa).  Quite the honeymoon we had.  Yeah!

The wedding was a simple, nice, Justice of the Peace ceremony in downtown.  3:30.  I wore a cute black top with black slacks and my favorite black heels.  He wore a black dress shirt with dark blue jeans and black Converse.  We didn’t invite anyone so nobody (or everybody) would feel left out.  I giggled through the ceremony, especially when the JOP said that marriage should be entered into soberly.  The kiss was perfect.

Afterwards we walked to Hearsay Gastro Lounge for a drink.  When we left there we walked by Voice (a restaurant we’ve always wanted to try) which is located in the Hotel Icon.  We went inside to have another drink and to take a look around.  I ordered a dry martini and sipped on it slowly, relaxed for the first time all week.  As we got up to leave Lucas walked up to the concierge – I thought to ask how to get the hell out of there – but then he said “check in for Rader.”  I looked up at him and said “you sneaky fucker.”  It really was a great hotel and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to stay in Houston or to, um, consummate their marriage.

Well, I’m going to wrap this up by asking if anyone has friends in Pittsburgh, knows anything about the area or is looking to get rid of some warm clothing (size 7 boots?!).

Cold hard cash will work just fine, too.  Then I don’t have to worry about your red scarf clashing with my hair.


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