Iron Fist

Last night I had a nightmare.   In color.  Who really only dreams in black and white?

Anyway, my nightmare was actually a mini-series of nightmares.

It started with me in a lake, swimming alongside my oldest sister.  Huge waves, obviously unnatural for a lake, kept coming at us, slamming into our faces.  Because I’ve spent time in the ocean I could sense a pattern and prepare for the next wave, but my sister couldn’t.  She kept getting hit over and over again until we finally made our way to a safe area.

Next scene.

Still in the lake, which I now recognized from my grandparent’s house in Kansas.  I was floating in a red raft near the dock with my parents and my other sister.  We looked over to our left and saw an alligator swimming towards us.  We were all freaking out, but Katie decided she could divert the alligator’s attention.  She swam right towards it, darting in another direction at the last second.  As the alligator chased after her my parents and I swam towards the dock and pulled ourselves to safety.  Somehow I knew Katie was okay.

Next scene.

Walking up a set of green, grassy stairs I saw a snake.  It reached out to bite my ankle, but I fell backwards screaming.

Next scene.

I caught a man peering around a pink shower curtain, hoping to catch a look at a blonde woman showering.  When I confronted him he pushed me to the ground and told me than neither one of us could leave.  I freaked out and when he came after me again I grabbed an iron and used it to hit him in the head repeatedly.

The end.


3 thoughts on “Iron Fist

  1. Oh, I analyzed everything and initially that was part of my blog post. But that just showed what a weirdo I am and if you really want to know you’ll have research it yourselves.

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