On Friday night we went to dinner at Danton’s Gulf Coast Seafood Kitchen.  Thanks to an awesome deal through My Table Entree we purchased a $30 certificate for only $15 plus we got a free $30 certificate to use another time.  Danton’s has some pretty high-end seafood dishes, but they also have reasonably priced Po’ Boys and Sandwiches which is what we were going for.

We walked into Danton’s and saw that the restaurant is split into two dining areas – the main dining room and the bar.  We peeked into both rooms and realized that in addition to offering a more relaxed setting the bar had a great view of the bridge at Montrose/59.

While waiting for our drinks we looked over the menu and decided that we would start with an order of Boudin and a cup of Seafood Gumbo.  They both came out quickly and I was surprised to see the Boudin served on a plate with a pile of red onion and pickles.  The Boudin itself wasn’t extremely flavorful, but I found that a dash of Louisiana Hot Sauce and a slice of red onion kicked things up a notch.

The Seafood Gumbo had the darkest roux I’ve ever tasted and my first bite reminded me of chocolate.  As I continued eating I decided it wasn’t chocolate afterall.  I swear they put coffee in their Gumbo!  The shrimp were incredible, not at all overcooked and easily out-shined the crab and oysters.

As we were finishing up our appetizers the entrees were brought to our table.  Lucas had ordered the Shrimp Po’ Boy with a side of Red Beans & Rice and I chose the Debris; slow cooked pot roast, covered in some of the tastiest swiss cheese to ever find its way into my belly, served open-faced on French bread.  With a side of Okra & Tomatoes.

We cut our sandwiches in half and traded so we would get to enjoy both.  The Shrimp Po’ Boy might be the best I’ve ever had.  The crispy breading wasn’t at all greasy and the shrimp were plump and fresh.  There are a lot of restaurants in this city that could learn how to cook shrimp (without overcooking them) from Danton’s.  The French bread had a crispy outside and soft interior, but the sauce is what made me swoon with each bite.  I cannot even begin to describe the sauce.  Just go try it.

The Debris.  Oh my, the Debris.  How do they make pot roast taste so damn good?  I just don’t get it!  And the cheese.  I can’t seem to shut up about the cheese.  That sandwich made it onto my Top Five Favorite Sandwiches list.  Amazing stuff!

You know?  I have to admit that the side dishes were pretty basic and completely overshadowed by the sandwiches.  We both ate all of the Shrimp Po’ Boy (wouldn’t make good leftovers) and saved about half of the Debris.  I was ridiculously stuffed.  And in love with Danton’s.

This morning Lucas heated up the rest of the Debris in the oven.  Fried an egg.  Threw it on top of the Debris.  What a kick ass Sunday Brunch!


One thought on “Danton’s

  1. You sure have a way with words! Some review magazine needs to snatch you up!!! And I’m not just a proud momma – you have talent, girl!

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