I Love Ramen!

When I woke up this morning my first conscious thought was about Ramen.  Weird, I know, yet Ramen happens to be one of my favorite things to eat.  It’s quick, super inexpensive and – when done right – delicious.  It might not be the normal thing to think about in the bedroom, but you’ve probably thought of stranger things.  Don’t deny it.

I should probably clarify that when I refer to Ramen I mean the instant noodle packs, not the Japanese style which interestingly enough originated in China.  Someday I’ll travel to Japan for real Ramen and visit the Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum, but in the meantime I’m content eating Maruchan Ramen.

Did you know that instant noodles were invented in 1958 by an awesome guy named Momofuku Ando?  He’s one of my heroes, and apparently the Japanese agree since a poll in 2000 named instant noodles the greatest invention of the 20th century.  Yeah, yeah, instant noodles are not health food.  They are high in carbohydrates, fat and sodium.  All of the good stuff like fiber and vitamins are basically non-existent.  But I ate them for an entire summer and lived to tell the tale.

My Ramen cravings always strike when there is no Ramen in the house <– insert sad face here.  So after my morning shower I dragged myself out of the house and drove speedy fast to Fiesta.  I picked up 6 packs of Lime Shrimp Ramen, plus some absolutely necessary cilantro and green onions.  I waited in line behind a lady who paid with food stamps and another who paid with a check.

Seriously?  Who still writes checks at the grocery store?  I’ll tell you.  Old people.  Now I’m really sorry if you’re reading my blog and thinking to yourself “I still write checks at the grocery store”.  Perhaps you should take a look at your birth certificate and recognize that you now fall into the “old people” category.

Whew!  I’m sorry you’re witnessing my ADD/psychosis.  It’s Saturday and I’m still riding the Ramen high.  Must be all that MSG.

Now then, what’s your favorite flavor of Ramen?  Mine is Lime Shrimp, which is why I bought 6 packs of it.  Damn good stuff and I haven’t convinced myself to buy the other flavors for 5 years or so.

Want to know how I make mine special?

Bring two cups of water to a boil.  Add Ramen and cook 3 minutes.  Any longer and you’ll have mushy noodles.  Yuck.  Mix in contents of the (Lime Shrimp) seasoning packet and put your soup in a bowl.

Fry an egg on one side, flip and cook for ten seconds.  Place on top of your soup.  Top with plenty of chopped green onions, cilantro, a dash of sesame oil and a lot of chili garlic sauce.

The egg finishes cooking in the soup and the yolk turns the broth into creamy dreamy goodness.  If you listened to me and put too much chili garlic sauce in your soup you will sniffle and burn through the last few bites, but I swear it’s worth it (this coming from someone who worships the Holy Habanero).



3 thoughts on “I Love Ramen!

  1. Wow, never thought you can turn Ramen into a fine dining experience but it looks fabulous……why arent you a chef?? Seriously, you are creative and are a genius when it comes to presentation and construction…….Just saying, I would totally eat at your restaurant….And for the record I love plain old Beef Ramen…..

  2. I discovered the wonders of Ramen this spring while my brother was staying with me. It was something quick and easy enough for my brother to make (men!) so he ate it a lot. One day he asked me if I wanted some, too, so I said sure, but let’s add some stuff to it. Believe it or not, we added mini-sausages, the type you make hor-dourves with, cut up into small bites, some garlic, onion, jalepenos, and Lawry’s Spicy Spaghetti mix. It was pretty yummy! Not necessarily good for a diet, though. I am going to try substituting the sausages for chicken one of these days. That will make it a bit more diet friendly.

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