Too Many Chaturangas

Why am I blessed with such genius (insert sarcasm here)?  Take, for instance, this brilliant plan … yoga every day for a month.  That’s right.

Every day.

For a month.

I rolled out my mat on Tuesday night and turned on MTV’s Power Yoga.  This was a new one for me and the 45 minutes flew by quickly.  It was a mildly intense series of poses that left a smile on my face until the next day, which I spent wincing in pain every time I moved.

Yeah, yeah, I know I did this to myself.  After months of somewhat regular workouts I went on vacation to Aruba and just quit working out when I got back.  No yoga, no elliptical; nothing but sitting on my ass.  I thought it was awesome.

But I could slowly feel my body turning into jello.  As my muscles atrophied I felt more and more like a sloth.  I had become completely apathetic, which isn’t what I want to be.  I want to be strong and lean, balanced and exuberant!  And, ahem … sexy.

So I made that stupid pact with myself.  Yoga every day for a month!  Ugh.

I rolled out my mat again last night (Day 2) and turned on a Crunch Yoga video.  After hitting play I realized I was in for a snoozer, but decided to keep going because I was diabolically sore from the day before.  This was a much slower-paced workout so I worked on perfecting my form and holding poses for longer periods of time.  At the end I realized the video hadn’t been as easy as I initially thought.


Which was even more obvious this morning when I woke up and couldn’t lift myself off of the bed.  As I tried to push myself up my triceps screamed at me – “Too many Chaturangas!”  Yep, that’s what they said.  I laid there in frustration, wondering how in the hell I’m going to pull off yoga every day for a month.

Maybe being a sloth isn’t such a bad thing.


2 thoughts on “Too Many Chaturangas

  1. Ok, I wonder if you should change the name of your blog to Life in Houston. Lol. I know, food, dieting, exercise, it all goes hand-in-hand.

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