Gonzo Jr.

This little girl was adopted today!

Her nickname has been Gonzo Jr.

I am so amazed that the young couple who came to look at the kittens today chose her.  She hasn’t been eating well so we took her to the vet yesterday, along with the little kitten we decided to keep.  The vet ran tests for FIV (Feline HIV), Feline Leukemia and a few other nasty things.  Everything came back fine, though.  The vet gave them fluids, antibiotic shots, de-wormed them and also gave us flea medicine.  The problem is that neither of those two kittens will eat on their own. 

We have basically been force-feeding them with a syringe to keep them alive.  Both are weak and appear to have no interest in anything … except fighting the syringe.  It’s frustrating because the little amount of food we get into them seems to go towards energy to fight us off at the next feeding.

I’m stoked because now we can concentrate our efforts on keeping our little guy alive, while the awesome couple that adopted Gonzo Jr. can put all of their efforts towards keeping her alive.  We already have feedback from them and she is eating!  I seriously love these people.

Wish us luck!!!

(The other three kittens are doing great!)


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