After moving and feeling cooped up for weeks on end I begged my wonderful boyfriend for some time outside.  I threw out a few ideas and he decided on Galveston.  We got a late start after taking care of some things around the house (it’s never-ending!), but found ourselves on the Seawall around 3:30 on a Saturday.

Ever since Ike hit and we heard there was a possibility that The Flagship would be demolished we discussed heading out to the island to get some pictures.  That’s where we started … walking along the Seawall from The Spot and heading towards The Flagship for some different photos.

We had some time to kill before dinner so we walked back to The Spot for a drink.  They had a $9.00 Coronitas bucket special, but due to some miscommunication (I blame the idiot bartendress with the vacant look in her eyes) we ended up with a bucket of Corona for $18.00.  Yowzas, we had to drink 3 Coronas each yet neither one of us really likes Corona.  We just love specials and that obviously wasn’t happening.

I quickly decided that we would order an appetizer to help prevent ourselves from getting completely smashed before dinner.  Enter Crab-Stuffed Jalapenos.  Breaded and fried, but not greasy.  Generous amounts of crab stuffed into one of my favorite things in the world.  Jalapenos.  Hell, I’ll be the first to say that Jack in the Box makes stuffed jalapenos that are good enough for me.  But these are pretty spectacular, especially when you add dash after dash of Tabasco to the ranch dipping sauce.

Beers finished at last, we drove over to The Strand/Pier 21 area to walk around a little bit before dinner.  After parking we immediately stumbled upon one of the coolest shops in the area – Nautical Antiques and Décor.  The place is full of old ship wheels, portholes, lights, compasses, flags, bells and more.  The crowning glory is a wall in the back full of antique glass floats.

The girl that worked there was super friendly and after discussing a few things about the shop she pointed me around the corner to a bar where I could use the ladies room.  The bar, Murphy’s Irish Pub, was not very packed and as we tried to sneak out the bartender asked if we were going to have a drink.  Why yes, “Drinking Consultant”, we shall.

Once our glasses were empty we continued, walking along The Strand and over to Pier 21.  After snapping this picture of the Ike waterline (below) we somehow got into a long conversation with a retired couple from Seattle (they were going on a cruise) about restaurants in Seattle and things to do in Galveston.  Eventually we started walking back to the car, but stopped back by Murphy’s to make use of their bathroom.  Once again we were coaxed into another drink.  The nerve of these people!

We took advantage of the time at the bar to map out the restaurant we had chosen before leaving Houston and realized that we could walk there.  So we got off of our butts and walked over to Post Office Street for dinner at Gumbo Bar.

If you read my previous post you know that I had a foodgasm here.  It’s really a great place with a laid-back atmosphere and the best gumbo I have ever eaten.  They have crazy-cheap wine (I think we paid $18.00 for a bottle that is usually $13.00) and while the list isn’t extensive they are providing their clientele with affordable everyday wines.

We left absolutely stuffed and stumbled our now officially drunk asses back over to Murphy”s.  We finally decided that the place is an absolute gem and in our subconscious minds realized there was no way either one of us would drive home that night.  Might as well live it up, no?

Murphy’s at 6:00 or 7:30 and Murphy’s at whatever time it was on our last visit … hmmm, quite a different place.  It was packed, but we managed to find two seats at the bar.  Things get a little fuzzy here, but I do recall that people loved my hair, cowboys are some scary mother fuckers, poor sweet girls hung up on said cowboys are probably even scarier and an invitation from the first cool people we’d met in awhile had us out on the streets again.  And me smoking a cigarette (yes, I quit 2 years ago or so).

We never made it to the next place.  That little thing in the back of your mind that always saves your butt?  Yeah, kicked in.  It guided us to the car where we Price-lined a close place to sleep for the night and then on to the Jack in the Box drive thru.

What.  The.  Hell?  That was my first visit in a long time.  Seriously?  Ugh.  Yes, I remember saying “ten tacos and a large diet coke”.   I’m still pissed that they didn’t have hot sauce.  Have you read my blog?  Do you know what this means?  I almost jumped through the window of the drive thru to strangle those sorry bastards.

I expect no foodgasm from Jack in the Box, but I wasn’t even the teeniest bit excited.  My mouth was dry and I could barely chew.  My head was pounding.  I slowly ate 1.5 tacos on one of the  queen-size beds and then promptly passed out on the other (the one without lettuce on it).

So, the craziest part about this entire trip to me?  I mentioned Jack in the Box – not once, but – twice on my blog.  I can even bring it up a third time when I tell you, my dear reader, that I was one hungover bitch the next day and I ate two more tacos for breakfast.  I have reached an all-time low and I blame it all on that idiot bartender at The Spot.

That island is insane.  It’s like we created our own night on Bourbon Street, but it’s only an hour from home.  Uh huh,  Sunday was useless, but I can’t wait to go back!


3 thoughts on “Galveston

  1. Really, my dear! Sounds like you are becoming a bit of a lush and SMOKING? Tell me it isn’t true! Sounds like you had a good time (except the hangover) and very glad you made the decision to stay on the island overnight. 🙂

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