Gumbo Bar, Galveston

Ahhh, Gumbo Bar.

For me you have transcended all other restaurants in Galveston.  I had high hopes and you exceeded them.

Your mark-up on wine is so low that it’s almost unheard of.

Your Shrimp Steam Pot with its delectable white wine and herb butter broth reminded me of what shrimp should be.  Fresh, plump and amazing.  Your crusty garlic bread was the perfect vessel for soaking up and consuming the incredible juices.

And your Seafood Gumbo.  Fuck me, it’s good.  The nice dark rue with just the right balance of spices.  More of those incredibly plump shrimp, along with sweet crab meat and briny oysters.  All topped with a scoop of nicely steamed white rice.

Why, why, why have I never had gumbo as delicious and mind-blowing as yours?  I have spent my life drowning gumbo in Tabasco, but for once it wasn’t necessary.


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