Stuffed Squash Blossoms and Grilled Garlic Scampi

After buying squash blossoms at the Farmers Market I needed to come up with a way to use them.  And quickly!  They are quite perishable and best used the same day they’re purchased.

photo (Large)

A very common way to cook squash blossoms is to stuff them with cheese, coat them and fry them.  But since I’m eating healthier these days I chose to stuff them with some chevre that I mixed with fresh basil, salt & pepper and then bake them.

edit 2-9915 (Large)

Much better for you!  They were amazing, but I was surprised by how much the flavor of each squash blossom was overpowered by the chevre.  I tasted a raw squash blossom and discovered that their flavor is very light, almost nonexistent.  I will definitely make these again as a perfectly valid excuse to eat massive amounts of fresh goat cheese.

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Hickory Chips Soaking

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Unfortunately, I can’t live on stuffed squash blossoms alone (although I could try).  Lucky for me we also had the Gulf Shrimp tails that we came across at the market!  I followed Mastering the Grill’s recipe for Grilled Garlic Scampi.  The tails marinated for about an hour in a mixture of olive oil, white wine, garlic, salt & pepper and were grilled to perfection over charcoal and hickory chips.

edit 2-9950 (Large)

I served them with the recommended dipping sauce – parsley, olive oil and copious amounts of garlic.  Delectable!

Gorgeous homegrown tomatoes begged from the countertop to be included in the meal.  I sliced them into thick slices and ground sea salt and black pepper on top before drizzling them with olive oil.  After stacking them onto our plates I topped the tomatoes with basil chiffonade and voila!  We had dinner!  And not just your regular old run of the mill dinner.  This meal was almost 100% local and I believe it tasted better due to all of the love each ingredient received from farm/ocean to table.

edit 2-9962 (Large)

This is what eating on a diet should be like!


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