Palo Duro Canyon


3:46 pm Officially on our way to Ft. Worth

3:53 pm HOWDY billboard, Cat in the Trunk

4:30 pm Stopped for bathroom, gas & drinks (Ozarka & Monster)

4:47 pm Finally past Conroe !  Bluebonnets J  Shadows flashing on the road make me crazy, too much traffic @ MM 93

Exit 142 Normangee – Jerky

(Fell Asleep)

6:13 pm Bathroom break.  Grab a Monster!

8:00 pm In Ft. Worth!

Razzoo’s!  Fish bowl, Skillet Full O’Food, Chopped Salad w/ Blackened Chicken, no wings (whew!)

Downtown Ft. Worth surprised me.  It’s pretty at night and I like how pedestrian-friendly it is.  Walked around a little bit after eating dinner.  The weather was perfect.  Saw a bad-ass Viper and some weird cowboy art.  Want another fishbowl, but no more room in my stomach!


7:16 am Woke up, showers, clothes

8:26 am Heading out for breakfast

9:13 am Back from Corner Bakery Café.  Anaheim Scrambler, Breakfast Panini, Coffee, Fresh OJ

Also tried two kinds of rugalach – they were delicious!

9:25 am On the road again.  I can’t wait to get back on the road again.

9:49 am Sweetie Pie’s Ribeyes.  Cute name.

10:15 am Another dead skunk

Started counting them around MM 318.9.  As the morning went by we counted another 27 dead skunks.  Stopped around MM 352.

11:10 am Jolly Travel Center in Jolly, TX.  IBC Rootbeer & Smart Water

11:50 am Saw an old Caddy with 2 Bikini Girl statues (mannequins?)  Very odd.

12:30 pm In Quanah.  Stopped for bathroom and Coors Light.  1st cool town since Ft. Worth.

1:34 pm Back on the road after stopping for lunch at Subway.  Split a turkey sandwich, baked lays and a drink.  Hit the spot!

1:54 pm Tons of cotton growing around Esteline.  The road to Caprock Canyon is almost completely empty.  Lots of dead houses.  “This road is weird,” said Lucas.  “Weird bumps.”  Cotton and cows.  Red dirt.  Green irrigated patches.  Strange raised beds of red dirt looked like terraces, but they weren’t.

2:25 pm Quitaque (Kitty-Kway)

2:30 pm Arrived at Caprock Canyon State Park.  Spent a little bit of time in the visitors center before driving around the park.  Got out and walked around a little, took pictures, saw a deer.  A little scared of rattlesnakes :p  Saw signs that basically guaranteed they were around and willing to bite my ankles.  Loved the wash!  The colors here are so amazing.  Saw some real buffalo after being fooled by a few statues.

4:45 pm Leaving Caprock Canyon.  I have a buffalo!

4:56 pm Stopped at Allsup in Quitaque.  Water & Monster.


Woke up around 7:00 am.  Slow start.  Walked around the motel/restaurant area and took pictures.

9:35 am Left motel.

9:41 am Stopped at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  Breakfast skillet, ham & eggs, toast, biscuits & gravy, grits!  I love to hate the solitaire game on the table.

10:38 am Heading towards Palo Duro Canyon!!

11:47 am Getting ready for our hike.  The Lighthouse Trail!

11:59 am On the trail (yes, it takes us 12 minutes to get ready) – hike officially started ;p

2:44 pm Back in the car.  The Lighthouse Trail is a cool hike.  It’s a mostly flat trail at the bottom of the canyon.  Views all around, red dirt everywhere (inside my shoes ;p).  The section of the trail that goes up to the Lighthouse is pretty steep, but a lot more fun than the rest of the hike.  It made the Powerade taste that much better!  Very windy in Palo Duro today, so we didn’t try anything too crazy.  Enjoyed watching other people cross from one section to another in the wind and used them for perspective in our pics.

Drove around to see the rest of the park.  Snacked on some Pub Mix and a Fruita Bu.

3:24 pm Left the park to check into our room at the Buffalo Inn in Canyon, TX.

3:50 pm Getting settled into our room.  Billy Mays on tv!  Shower here is heavenly.  Uploaded pics.

5:17 pm Leaving the Buffalo Inn to see the Cadillac Ranch and eat dinner in Amarillo.  Dry, dry, dry in Canyon.

5:52 pm At the Cadillacs!  There are 10 nose down in the ground.  People spray paint them.  It’s very windy and we’re hungry so we don’t stay long.

6:17 pm Dinner at Johnny Carino’s.  Great specials!

8:11 pm Left the Buffalo Chip Liquor Store.  Wine, beer, 2 glasses and a corkscrew.  Drove back to the Buffalo Inn, drank one glass of wine and passed out.


6:45 am Quack, quack, quack (crazy alarm!)

7:32 am Headed to Palo Duro Canyon to watch the sunrise.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.  And cold.

8:30 am Going back to town for breakfast, but took a detour to look at houses on the rim.  Mighty fancy places.

9:57 am Heading back to Palo Duro after eating breakfast at Waffle House.  Nowhere to eat breakfast in Canyon, TX except for ONE donut shop and fast food.  What kind of small town doesn’t have a good diner open for breakfast?  I’ll tell you what kind.  A boring, dry town.  Picked up some G2 for our hikes.

10:30 am Triassic Trail!!!

Loved this hike!  Awesome views around the rim of the canyon.  Some elevation changes, but not a whole lot.  Just beautiful views, clear skies and a very good time!  The Table is one of the coolest rock formations I’ve ever seen.  We enjoyed acting out a silly sacrifice scene for a picture.  Could have stayed there forever ;p

1:42 pm Drove around the park a little bit more.  Wanted a video going down into the canyon.

2:20 pm Back at the motel.  Showers!  Relaxation time ;p

4:52 pm Going on an adventure.  Timbaland!  Monster!  Fountain Drink!

5:07 pm Fucking Socks!!!  Frankenstein.  Ozymandias.  1997.  Look this up.

Checking out Route 66.  Somehow managed to totally creep ourselves out in Amarillo.

5:57 pm There is nowhere to eat on a Sunday in Amarillo unless you go to a chain!  All we’re eating is freaking chain food.

6:04 pm Cheddar’s = 2 24 oz Coors, 2 Premium Margaritas, 1 Painkiller (yum), Burger, Salad, Chicken Non-Crispers, Potato Skins, Nachos = Cheap.

We’re happy.  Nice bartender.  Jackass to the left.  Want to stab him with a fork.

7:43 pm Leaving Cheddar’s to catch the sunset at the Cadillac Ranch.  Holy shit!  Cows and cars.  As the sun went down and all of the people left the cows made their way towards the cars.  They started rubbing on them – we can only assume – to get rid of the spray paint stench.  It was really pretty right after sunset.  There is something incredibly beautiful about cow patties and spray paint cans dotting the ground all around.

Went back to the Buffalo Inn.  Watched TV, drank some wine and slept.


7:00 am Woke up, packed our stuff and checked out.  Stopped for an Apple Fritter at the Donut Spot (Hole Foods ;p).  Long drive ahead of us.

8:22 am Stopped at T&A in Amarillo for gas and bathroom.

9:05 am Dark clouds surrounding us.

9:12 am We can smell the rain!  Almost taste it!  No drops yet.

9:13 am First raindrops hit the windshield.

10:03 am Quick stop at Taylor Gas Station in Childress.  Bathroom break.  2 Waters & Honey Roasted Cashews (same place we stopped at for Subway on the way to Caprock Canyon).  Tried the 100 calorie Girl Scout Cookies.  Eh.

12:21 pm Back in the car after stopping at the Armadillo Chevron.  Bathrooms smelled so much like bleach I swear I got high.  Purchased one Monster.

1:44 pm Stopping at TGI Fridays.  Nope!  Not open yet.  Applebee’s it is.  Beers, burger, salad and some fries.

2:37 pm Back on the road.  I’m driving now!

Made one stop in Buffalo, TX for the bathroom.

6:40 pm At home!  Time to introduce Gonzo to Tatonka.


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